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August 23,1986 IF If they had sent a limousine to the airport instead of a van, Marcos and Imelda would still be in Malacanang. The Conjugal Dictatorship, as the author of the book with that title called the regime, would still be in dictatorial power – to imprison, torture, murder whoever opposed the Monstrous Duo while the looting of the nation went on. The author of the book now lies in an unknown grave but Marcos and Imelda would be living ho … Read More

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better be ready.. this is just the opening salvo

The end of the first 100 days of President Noynoy Aquino’s term–honeymoon or none–has signaled the renewed offensive by political forces identified with the old Arroyo regime against the new government. It has also sent a signal to the Aquino camp to settle whatever differences they have to confront a continuing, if weakened, political threat. We can cite some of the signs. Erstwhile president and now-congresswoman Arroyo suddenly found the opp … Read More

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